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The partners of Osmium Data are senior-level developers with extensive experience deploying secure, enterprise-scale data management systems for numerous local, county, and state government bodies.

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    Our Data Collection Platform

    The Osmium Data has developed a secure, enterprise-scale data management platform to serve as a central repository for the collection and processing of forms and documentation from public stakeholders across any number of programs. Public users may be completing program applications, submitting required program documentation, or sending inquiries about program services and funding.

    Administrative users can create and configure their programs, all the data fields that need to be collected, as well as define file attachment slots to ensure that public users submit exactly what is needed.

    Osmium data seeks to make data collection and management a background task, enabling staff to focus on goal-oriented work.  Engaging with a software development project is rarely the primary role or responsibility of any staff member, so we strive to minimize the client time required, and engage on a predictable schedule with a clear and targeted agenda.

    Demo Software - Login Page
    Demo Software – Login Page
    Demo Software - Application Summary
    Demo Software – Application Summary

    Tools and Features

    The Osmium Data platform is a comprehensive package of common tools and functionalities that we have deployed for numerous public sector agencies, which are configured and built upon to facilitate the particular forms and workflows needed for each client.  All the platform functionalities below are always included in the deployed solutions:

    • User Account Management: for both county/admin users and public users, the latter of which will have self-registration and self-service password management capabilities.
    • Flexible Form Types and Fields: we will be able to integrate the specific forms and fields as described by LCPC in the project RFP, including a mix of various data/field types (e.g., numbers, dates, free text, etc.), as well as required fields and conditional logic as needed.
    • Form Submission Validation: eSubmission portal users will be able to save a created form type in any state of completeness and return to it later for further editing.  Prior to submitting their form, the platform will validate it for completeness and provide meaningful feedback to the user.
    • Task-Based File Attachments: the definition of form types will include any number of file attachment “slots” that can be defined by LCPC.  These slots can include not only instructional language for the eSubmission portal user, but also a template or instructional document provided by LCPC for download by the portal user (e.g., a document format you may want the user to download, complete, and upload back to you).  Additionally, LCPC will be able to attach its own documentation to submitted forms that are accessible to the eSubmission portal user for download (e.g., an acknowledgement of receipt or review, or a summary of a decision made based on the submitted form).
    • Form Status Administration: eSubmission portal forms will be in a “Draft” state until they are submitted by an end user, at which point LCPC will be alerted to the submission and can put the form back into the “Draft” state if needed to allow additional work and re-submission.
    • Secure Email Messaging: with each form status change, LCPC will be able to send the submitter a message detailing the reason for the status change and/or any further action that needs to be taken by the submitter.  The email messages can be securely read and replied to directly from within the eSubmission portal in case they contain sensitive information.
    • Paginated Form Type Reports: each form type that is created/submitted by eSubmission portal users will also be available for download in either PDF, Word, or Excel format by either LCPC admin users or portal users.

    There is no predefined size limit on files that can be uploaded to the platform, nor are there predefined limitations on the types of files that can be uploaded.

    Battle-Tested Technologies

    Our platform has been developed from the ground up, so we do not use intermediary “black box” packages such as Salesforce, SAP, or WordPress that force us into an approach or process, thus there are no limitations on the web technologies that can be leveraged for a client solution.

    .NET; ASP.Net; Microsoft SQL Server; Azure; Windows Server

    Whether hosted in the cloud, in a co-located data center, or on-site with the client, we deploy not only complementary technologies, but also the latest in those complementary technologies so that our systems have the maximum length of support by both Microsoft in terms of its updates and patches, as well as the larger technology community.

    Osmium Data will bring the client hosting environment to the compliance level required by the data being collected (e.g., HIPAA, CJIS, etc.).  The platform user interface is 100% WCAG 1.0 compliant, and where it is not a hinderance to the development process or the design, it is made WCAG 2.0AA compliant.

    Customized Implementations

    We undertake substantive Discovery and Planning efforts to ensure that the tools that we implement match, facilitate, and support the way our clients work.  Our goal is not to impose a new way of working, but to enhance existing processes by both increasing productivity and eliminating errors, omissions, and duplication.

    The Osmium Data project team has extensive experience handling sensitive data and customizing hosting environments to ensure its safekeeping from collection and storage all the way through to reporting.  We are end-to-end providers that take each project from design and development through testing, training, and support using a single team to maximize shared knowledge and focus. 


    Our goals in partnership with public sector agencies are:

    • Enable secure collaboration between county government and their stakeholder populations.
    • Streamline identifiable data management tasks to minimize time spent completing them.
    • Provide meaningful, results-orientated data to decision-makers and stakeholders.
    • Maintain an easily navigable and detailed record of all data submitted.
    • Respond to emerging needs with tools and features based on the real-world work of staff.

    Osmium Data has extensive experience migrating data from various sources into its database platforms – including other SQL databases, MySQL databases, MS Access databases, and spreadsheets.  We have also integrated a variety of payment processors for programs that attach fees to the submission of their documentation

    Your Data. Your Way.

    Our clients always maintain full ownership and control of their data.  We never share client data without the expressed permission of the owner client, and we ensure that all clients always have on-demand, direct, and full access to their backend data down to the database table level.

    We understand that the management of program data is a team effort that involves staff members not only across department areas, but also up and down various decision-making hierarchies.  So, we developed our platform with an eye toward allowing users to slice-and-dice program data in numerous ways so that the right information gets to the right people at the needed times.

    Power BI Dashboard
    Power BI Dashboard

    Flexible Service Agreements

    Osmium Data understands the constraints of public sector funding cycles and fiscal year expenditures, and we tailor our invoicing schedules and delivery timelines to match the needs of our clients and the requirements of the funder.

    We offer an annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) engagement model that comprises a certain number of service hours dedicated to the deployed solutions depending on the SLA level selected.  All service hours at each SLA level are fungible, and thus can be dedicated to the development priorities of the client in the given year.  This model allows the flexibility for development priorities – and thus deliverables – to change during the course of a year without price adjustments or the need for change orders that can cause volatility in cost of ownership.  We charge no fees in addition to the SLA, and there are never any per-user, per-record, or any other additional metered fees associated with the license to the deployed platform.

    Software and Data Integrations

    If a client wishes to leverage GIS data in the Osmium Data platform, then we can work with your GIS department to integrate their data sets.  GIS mapping and interactivity is not an out-of-the-box “module” of the Osmium Data platform for this very reason – we do not want to presume what data sets or GIS platforms we might need to utilize.

    Demo Software - ArcGIS Integration
    ArcGIS Integration

    Meaningful Reporting

    We can deploy a Microsoft Power BI data visualization dashboard that contains data sets directly from the platform database that are configured to be user-friendly for report writers.  Osmium Data can pre-populate the dashboard with data visualizations that answer known questions, and client users can then create their own visualizations and reports from those same data sets.

    Questions? Connect with us to learn more about how Osmium Data can improve your workflow