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Our goal is to learn what success means to each of our clients, and then work together toward that defined point as a unified team.

The Osmium Data platform is an enterprise-scale solution that has been created from the ground up. We do not use intermediary “black box” packages, which means that we’re never forced into an approach or process, and there are no limitations on the web technologies that we can leverage for a client implementation project.

This contrasts with solutions that build their data-management tools on top of existing platforms such as Salesforce, DNN, etc., or try to force productivity tools into a canned CMS product such as WordPress.

Our project team has extensive experience handling sensitive data and customizing hosting environments, ensuring secure collection and storage. We are end-to-end providers that work with our clients from conception, design, and development through testing, deployment, and support to maximize shared knowledge.

Our long-term relationships with clients in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors has allowed us to compile a set of battle-tested tools that we have successfully deployed numerous times. This guarantees that no project starts from scratch.

All of our clients depend on collecting and managing large amounts of confidential data from various sources, which makes robust, flexible, and secure information management is critical.  Equally critical is their data systems must accurately communicate the scope and details of their programs and initiatives to the stakeholders that depend on them.

Stability Meets Flexibility

Application development from the ground up means that when additional tools and functionality are needed for a particular client, the Osmium Data platform has the flexibility to facilitate the data collection and workflow in a way that mimics the real-life, offline process

By contrast, when one platform is built upon another, clients need to mold their workflow and process to the limited capabilities of the base platform.  Our philosophy and development approach positions us for targeted, long-term engagements with clients, and maximizes the extensibility and usable life of our solutions.

Additionally, our code is deployed in a transparent fashion to our clients so that if they desire to have the code examined or audited for security or performance purposes, or they need to port the code base to another software developer for any reason, then they can easily do so.

Finally, our clients always maintain full ownership and control of their data. We never share data without the expressed permission of the owner client, and we ensure that all clients always have on-demand, direct, and full access to their back-end data down to the most granular table level.

Maximum Support and Dependability

Osmium Data develops exclusively on the .NET and ASP.NET application frameworks, Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL database platforms, and Microsoft Azure and Windows Server environments. 

Whether hosted in the cloud, in a co-located data center, or on-site with the client, we deploy not only complementary technologies, but also the latest in those complementary technologies so that our systems have the maximum length of support by both Microsoft in terms of its updates and patches, as well as the larger technology community.

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