During the term of this project and for twelve (12) months thereafter, any errors or omissions found in Source Code* authored by Sunstrata or Osmium Data and unaltered by any other party (including the client) included in work products delivered by Sunstrata or Osmium Data as part of its work plan for this project will be fixed at no cost to the client.  Source Code fixes will be delivered in a manner and timeframe mutually agreeable to both Sunstrata + Osmium Data and the client.

*For the purposes of Osmium Data projects, Source Code means computer software in human-readable form and all related compiler command files, build scripts, scripts relating to the operation and maintenance of a software application, object libraries, including comments, data files and structures, application programming interfaces, include files, macros, programming tools not commercially available, technical specifications, flowcharts, logic diagrams, and documentation related to any or all of the foregoing such that collectively the foregoing will be sufficient to enable an individual possessing reasonable skill and expertise in computer software and information technology to build, load and operate the Object Code of such software and to maintain, support and effectively use such software.